Existing Conditions

The solution to the problem of printing/copying offered today to students in academic institutions worldwide is out dated and usually consists of a wide variety of printers, scanners, copiers and drivers as well as various types of debiting methods. This existing situation, despite the high volume of money involved, creates effectively a vacuum regarding the management aspect, which results in operational inefficiency and does not allow the potential profits to be realized.

In effect, the basic elements that exist in every business such as: evaluating costs of initial investment, operational calculations, such as a system for the coordination of the placement of printers on campus with the needs of the students- simply did not exist!!! Until the advent of the APGlobal ACPM system there was no existing technology or software that offered a solution to all aspects of the process such as: operating, billing, collection and analyzing information regarding the usage, etc.

What we are proposing

APGlobal has developed a solution which is currently in use successfully worldwide. This solution uses technology that integrates software and hardware and enables the system to provide the answers to all of the problems mentioned above. This solution provides, for the first time an overview of the entire problem with an emphasis placed on the integration and production of information and management of all aspects of the operation relative to the student's printing and copying.

This means that on the one hand we are able to maximize profits by using the solution that we have developed and on the other hand reduce investment costs significantly (for example being able to purchase fewer machines to achieve the same results).