The APGlobal ACPM system is designed modularly and is characterized by its simplicity of design and ease of operation. Some of the main modules are:

* User Security Module (USM) - Control passwords and other security issues
* CEO overall management module - shows on-line status of all elements in the system
* Billing and Credit Module (BCM)
* Full report module

Principles of Operation

The system is based on the principle that every student registered onto the system need only be concerned with whether or not he/she has sufficient credit to perform a printing and copying operation. This amount of credit is stored in his account for the entire period of his matriculation. This credit allows the student to print/copy on any machine installed on his campus and the simple means of entry into the system by means of an identity number and a password is designed primarily to provide better service to the student. An additional benefit is to maintain a more cost effective system and prioritize the installation of the equipment.

Shown below is an actual screen shot of the CEO module which is one of the major components of the system. This module provides management with a fantastic tool for controlling operating costs and up-time. This module shows management at a glance the status of every element in the system and allows evaluation of performance. For example if a particular machine is not getting the required number of copies for the amount of toner being used perhaps the machine needs servicing or is not applicable to the job at hand. This is only one example of the type of information that might be gleaned from only one module. Other system modules allow on-line information on the status of all user's credit status and more.